Sustainable Farming

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In this episode, we discuss no-till farming practices and how these methods are reshaping the health and quality of crops and soil.

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Ohio State's Rattan Lal is one of the top soil scientists worldwide. His innovative research into sustainable farming addresses challenges of food insecurities and global climate change.

Dr. Rattan Lal

The science Lal is developing richens soil while improving yields and sustainability. It's research Ohio's farmers are putting to good use. 

"Life depends on soil and soil depends on life. Soil has a right to be protected, to flourish, not to be misused because it's a living entity."

A soil health advocate and partner to Ohio State researchers, Brandt, who passed away in May, began using regenerative farming techniques on his family's Fairfield County farm in 1971. 

Dave Brandt

Parts of Brandt's farm haven't seen a fungicide or insecticide in years. And though his fields look different than other farms, he produces the same crops. They just grow out of healthier soil. 

"If we can build healthier foods, feed it to healthier livestock and we eat healthier meats, we become a healthier society."

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